Maps 1830's Van Diemans Land and Terra Australis

Rediscovering old Maps from the 1830’s………the starting point was the unearthing of a beautiful lithograph by J.Dower, an engraver who worked for the renowned Henry Teesdale & Co, in London.

‘304 High Holborn, Pentonville’…footnotes from another time; inscribed by steady hand…

Dower’s Van Diemans Land map, dated 1837, collated every cartographic detail that was then known about this distant island. I was intrigued by the hand drawn text; looping cursive letters. The empty sections of unexplored land were simply left white….the early place names and references to topography were there; signposts left a generation earlier by the first European explorers.

Hawkes copyMixing up sand and paint, then sculpting it, smearing it, scuffing it; this is my homage to the early map makers and their exacting art.

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