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Florentine Valley – Installation Art


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Upper Florentine Valley- Installation Art (86 x 176 cm) $5800
Upper Florentine Valley- Installation Art (86 x 176 cm) $5800

Aerial photos of the Upper Florentine Valley’s old-growth forests have held a particular interest for me. The region has a composition all its own, the nearby ‘Thumbs’ form an impressive backdrop. I wanted to represent a sense of depth downwards as well as to the horizon. Towering trees reaching up assume sculptural forms; impressive en masse. I sought to demonstrate that these forests, when viewed from above, reveal complex communities of understorey. The forestry coupe visible in Tasmania’s outline was not meant to be a prescriptive environmental commentary, rather an ambiguous space in which we can consider this landscape.

Angus Douglas

April 2017


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Dimensions 86 x 5 x 176 cm